About me

meR2D2Hello, my name is David Topping and I’m a Senior Lecturer working in the Centre for Atmospheric Science, at the University of Manchester, and  Fellow of the Alan Turing Data Science Institute. On this website you can find further information regarding my scientific career to date and my current research portfolio.

I love being a scientist. Solving complex scientific problems is very satisfying, as is seeing others use the tools I’ve developed, making me feel part of a worldwide research family. I have always had a passion for understanding how things work and I am fortunate enough for this core passion to run through my career. I find interaction with people around the world invigorating and it offers insights I would otherwise not have thought possible.

You will also find a casual blog where I muse on various aspects of a career in research, including commentaries from various trips I have taken along the way.  You can follow this blog alone if nothing else interests you here, or simply search the archives according to category using the link below. At the bottom of the site you can follow my twitter feed, with other social media links provided alongside a feed of recent developments in technology.

So, whether you are simply interested in learning more about research, want to collaborate on a specific project or simply want to get in touch then please do so via this website. I look forward to hearing from you.

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